North Dakota Farm Loans

Farm Plus Financial offers North Dakota farmers, ranchers and agribusiness owners government-secured North Dakota farm loans, ranch loans, farm land loans and farm operating line of credit loans for the most competitive farm loan interest rates on the market starting at 2.70%. Despite its extreme weather, North Dakota’s climate and soil is excellent for the production of small grain and livestock. Producing 41% of the United States’ spring wheat and 31% of its barley, North Dakota is a major center for American agriculture.

When searching for farm financing or ranch loans in North Dakota, it is important to find a lender who understands the important role agriculture plays for North Dakota. We are one of few institutions providing North Dakota farm loans, and we believe we are the most competitive. We understand that finding a farm loan can be a time-consuming process and the knowledgeable staff at Farm Plus Financial are here to make your experience as smooth as possible. If you are seeking a farm loan or ranch loan, please feel free to call our offices toll-free or complete the form below to have a Loan Officer contact you today.

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