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New Jersey has one of the most unique agricultural industries in the nation. While not normally thought of a top agricultural state, New Jersey farms consist of an assortment of specialty fruits and vegetable production with rankings in the top ten production states in the nation. New Jersey’s notable agricultural production rankings include third in the nation for the production of cranberries, bell peppers and spinach crops, fourth in the nation for peach production, fifth in the nation for blueberries and cucumbers, sixth for squash, seventh for tomatoes, eighth for apples, ninth for sweet corn and tenth for snap beans. While New Jersey is not considered a major agricultural state, agriculture is New Jersey’s third largest industry producing over $1.12 billion annually for the state with over 735,000 acres of gorgeous and vibrant farmland.

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New Jersey Farm Loans & Resources

Farm Plus Financial is proud to help fund not only the specialty fruit and vegetable production, but also more traditional land loans in New Jersey agriculture farms such as row crops, dairy, poultry, and egg production. If you are looking for commercial farm financing in New Jersey, Farm Plus Financial is the lender that you can trust. Farm Plus Financial provides New Jersey farm loans including real estate backed financing for purchase of new property, farm mortgage loans, refinancing your current farm loans and debt for a lower interest rate, expansion, and farm operating lines of credit to manage day to day costs of your farming operation. Our rates are some of the most competitive farm finance interest rates in the nation.

Farm Plus Financial will help you achieve your financial goals and our experienced team will make the process of getting the capital you need an easy and enjoyable experience. Browse our online resources below or contact us for more information toll free at 855-989-4988.





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