Colorado Tightens Certification Program

Colorado is looking to tighten it’s inspections of certified organic product.
The Colorado House passed a bill (61-0 vote) that adds additional inspectors to the state’s Organic Certification Program. The bill was sponsored by Rep. Randy Fischer (D-Fort Collins) and Sen. Mary Hodge (D-Brighton).
Fischer said in a press release, “Farming and eating organic foods is a lifestyle that’s here to stay. In fact, it’s an industry that continues to grow. He adds that Colorado must take responsibility for its booming industry to assure consumers are getting the best organic products possible.
Under the bill commissioners can now contract independent inspectors to conduct inspections or organic product handlers.
The bill also added three members to the Organic Certification Advisory Board increasing from nine to twelve members.
Colorado is not the only state making changes. Across the country more and more farmers are seeking organic certification with the ever-growing demand. Interested in becoming certified? Contact your local Farm Service Agency.
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