CA Peaches and Nectarine Crops are Ready

California is one of the leading producers in peaches and nectarines in the United States. Across San Joaquin Valley and other parts of the state, farmers produce over 65 percent of the peaches and nectarines used for consumer sales.
As summer approaches, a multitude of peaches and nectarine varieties are hitting grocer’s shelves, but farmers say production is slightly behind.
Cold weather has pushed harvesting back seven to 10 days following cooler temperatures this spring. White grapes are also behind two weeks behind schedule because of the weather.
Warm temperatures are needed to help the fruit ripen faster on the trees. Schedules rain showers concern farmers as well as the cooler weather in fear of damage to their crops.
Although rain showers could damage the trees, farmers can also be thankful for rainfall as California enters another rough growing season. Drought conditions have been a threat to producers for three years.
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