Aquaponics Seen as Future of Farming

A California start-up company is hoping to establish the world’s largest aquaponic farm within the next eighteen months, a goal that could revolutionize sustainable agricultural worldwide.
Aquaponics is a hybridized growing system with roots in the ancient world. It combines aquaculture, the raising of aquatic animals in tanks, with hydroponics, the cultivation of plants in water. An aquaponic system feeds animal excretions to a hydroponic system, where they are broken down and utilized by plants as nutrients.
Viridis Aquaponics, a California start-up, is working on creating the largest aquaponic system in the world. If all goes as planned, in a little over a year they will have a 350,000 square foot greenhouse housing plants and fish all raised in a sustainable fashion.
While some observers are concerned about the project’s future (some farmers have pointed out that planned fish species are heavily regulated), the company’s founders are convinced that aquaponics offers a new future for farming, one that requires significantly fewer chemicals and will be better for the environment.
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