Arkansas Farm Bureau Backs Senator Effort to Regulate Greenhouse Gases

The Arkansas Farm Bureau has announced its support of Senator Blanche Lincoln’s bipartisan effort to regulate greenhouse gases.
The senator is working alongside Alaska Senator Lisa Murkowski to stop the Clean Air Act as a tool to regulate gas.
“Arkansas Farm Bureau is pleased that Sen. Lincoln is joining Sen. Murkowski in this effort,” said Arkansas Farm Bureau President Randy Veach in a press release. “It speaks volumes that the chair of the Senate Agriculture Committee is concerned enough to create a bipartisan effort to stop unneeded federal regulation that would make it more difficult and costly for farmers and ranchers to continue providing affordable food to Americans and the rest of the world.
Lincoln has proposed an alternate way to regulate the gases. In a statement she said, “We can make immediate gains to reduce carbon emissions by sending the President bipartisan clean energy legislation produced by the Senate Energy Committee,” Lincoln said. This legislation, coupled with energy tax incentives, will reduce our dependence on foreign oil and incentivize renewable energy, all while improving the environment and creating much-needed jobs.
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